Raised in a Catholic home, Dawn has been Psychic since she was a child. Many friends, family, and peers often did not understand what Dawn was speaking of when she talked of the voices she heard, the past pets she had lost, and loved ones whom were no longer there. She grew up denying her clairvoyance until 2006 where she went through a traumatic event which caused Dawn to no longer deny her gift.


Dawn has been a practicing psychic medium since 2006. Dawn's abilities allow her to see, hear, and feel spirit both physically and empathically. Dawn uses her gift of seeing (and feeling) Aura's to receive and convey messages about a person's life, to help balance them through their chakras and coach them to make more positive changes throughout their lives. She has hosted many call-in FM radio shows, and on blog talk radio. Dawn has worked several missing persons cases, with private families, and local law enforcement. Dawn has a very unique gift of working with women concerning their relationship issues and self-esteem. Her own life lessons have helped her guide others through what most have felt would be a hopeless cause.


Working with Psychic teens and children is a passion for her; having a deep understanding of how they feel, knowing the people in their lives truly don't understand their gift that they too are trying to understand for themselves. . Psychometry is also another way of Dawn reading for her clients. She encourages her clients to bring items of lost loved ones for her to read. She also does this in missing persons or pet cases.

Dawn travels to SWFL, New York state, and Pennsylvania for private parties and events. Energy has no barriers, so Dawn is able to do her readings anywhere across the US and as far as the UK, all from the comfort of her own home.


Dawn also is a trusted animal communicator for pets of past and present. Her love for animals and their trust in her have opened up her door of communication with them. Understanding what an important role our animals play in our lives, helps not only better your world with them, but theirs!!!


Born in Northern New Jersey, and formally from Troy, Pennsylvania, Dawn currently resides in Athens, Pennsylvania. She can be found spending time with her loved ones; Chris, Gunnar, and Hannah. Shelling on the beaches of Sanibel island, with pets, or gardening at her Pennsylvania home


Creating peace in your life, starts in your heart. ~ Dawn Krug


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